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Synchronize Body Mind & Spirit

Why Not!

Our greatest asset is our own experience, and yet many are limited by memories or experience that imprison. We seek clarity but frequently find the answers elusive, but a trained counselor can help to provide tools that may re-frame the questions and often the experience.

A clinician can help by shifting perspective or redefine the language to gain objectivity and in additionally identifying areas for exploration that will serve you in achieving defined goals.

Individuals come with a variety of situations - some a little discomfort and some more distress.  We partner to develop a plan of action to achieve the goals you define. Interventions are not geared to a problem but remain solution focused and strength based, and always within the context with the environment in which your reside, work, live and feel.

“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me ..And if not now, when?”  

(Hellel, the Elder in Pirkei Avot Chapter 1:14).

If you think you might want to make a change, get some help or wonder what it would be like to drink less, stop overeating or eat a meal without vomiting afterward, learn how to be still, or a number of other pathways that serve your deepest desires then call to schedule a consultation or just keep it moving in a forward.

Nothing changes if nothing changes…

Ask for HELP now

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