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Synchronize Body Mind & Spirit

I can characterize my work 

with you on the journey to your best self. The first click may have been the hardest part of getting the work started We seek help for many reasons and many of us are effective at making changes. So, if you've been here before then you know the real challenge lies in sustaining it.

Success happens in the days, weeks, and months afterward... how we incorporate a mindset of success to thinking, decision-making, all of our relationships, and most importantly to our perception of our success.

When we go back to 'same old same old’, then we get the same - often with greater consequence and more suffering - the feelings of defeat stay with us, and these contribute to a diminished concept of self. And whether sadly or to our benefit (depending upon what we do next), as insight grows it becomes more painful to be still.

Change is inspired by action and in the end, it just doesn't matter how much we wanted or even needed it - Willingness is an action, and action will inspire you more than anything you feel in the moment.

I want-to                                                    I need-to 

do not motivate...

Willingness inspires action.

People who succeed in change do not wait for inspiration!

A slight shift attitude and behavior can open doors to options never imagined

A decision to go forward with change is all you need to start.


Be your best self!                                           Live your best life!

​Awareness is a starting point whether it is motivated by self-reflection or imposed by an outside force. Challenge is overcome only with a decision then ongoing commitment. Ask a few people in long-term recovery from drugs/alcohol or food and you will most likely hear most people were not motivated by virtue or inspired but changed due to the negative consequence of use: physical, interpersonal, occupational, legal, etc…        

  • There may be no 'bottom' (or there can be many)

  • You don't have to want it! (so many want it & yet it never happens)

  • You don't have to do it for yourself (as long as you do it).

Call a professional                                             DON'T WAIT!

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"Keep it Moving"

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