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Synchronize Body Mind & Spirit


      The Willow Health & Wellness Center grounds its work within a person-centered holistic approach to change. The act of reaching out—the first click—may feel like a tremendous hurdle, but it is one you may not need to cross again. That awareness that something needs to change, regardless of what inspires it, can be a beginning in a new way of seeing—a fresh perspective with even a vague vision of something else. That's hope.

     Collaboration means a partnership in which we collectively explore the goals you've defined and devise reasonable strategies for attaining them. WHWC's role is to initially expand the landscape with alternate ways of seeing challenges and solutions. 

     The circumstances that shaped our worldview provide insight into what we see and think we know about any situation. An alternate view broadens the possibilities and reduces static between a subjective view and what is.

     WHWC partners with you in an expansive journey that acknowledges structural forces that shaped our choices and how we made them and differentiates between what is authentic and the roles that were imposed, which formed our self-concept. The next step forward is limited when we ignore these factors, but it can provide fulfilling or meaningful changes when we acknowledge how they guide decisions.    


Aligning body, mind, and spirit nurtures our inner life, though it may entail uncovering it for some. Either way, only you can lead this journey and choose whether we walk beside you.


Embark on a transformative journey, whether toward personal growth or organizational excellence.

We go beyond individual work and are extending our expertise to organizational consulting in ways that scale change initiatives and create process improvement initiatives that reshape organizational cultures.

Transformative change can begin on the micro level but will be sustained only with corrections to institutional culture. WHWC uses an integrated coaching style with flexible, evidence-based practices to develop your leadership as inclusive and authentic leaders who build cohesion as they move your organization toward collective goals.

Is your organization ready for excellence and innovation?

Letter I

Individual & Groups

Letter B

Business Consulting

Letter H
Letter E

Institutional Consulting - Higher Education

Dive deep into personal development to surmount challenges through action, not desire. Embrace change, sustain improvements, and live your best life with a mindset geared towards your personal definition of success.

Deeper into Individual & Group Work...

Propel your organization forward with strategic consulting in change management, inclusivity, organizational culture, leadership or outsource on-boarding with a complete program, or a  la carte.

Deeper into Business Consulting...

Streamline program processes, on-site faculty development (EPAS-22), cultivate leadership potential or broaden the field of practice with our graduate field supervision program.

Deeper into Institutional Consulting...

Whether it is a personal quest for growth or steering an organization towards new heights, taking action is the first step towards change. Embrace this moment as a catalyst for transformation  --  The journey to excellence starts now.

Areas of Specialization

Exceptional Quality

Substance Prevention & Misuse
Eating Problems
Life Changes


Process Improvement

Leadership Development & Training

Strategies for Disruption & Change

Shaping Authentic & Inclusive Cultures

Succession Planning

IPO -Executive Coaching


Business Planning & Branding

Higher Education
Program Creation:
Online Program Development
& Evaluation
Streamlining LMS
DEI Workshops/Seminars
Faculty Development
Social Work Programs:                        Implement 2022 Accreditation Changes (due 2025)
Utilize External Site Instruction for Field Placements

Community Outreach/ Advocacy
Prevention Partnerships
Public Speaking
Event Organization & Promotion
K-12 Assemblies - MH/SUD/ED
Innovative & Custom Tailored Solutions

By Appointment via TeleHealth   
New Jersey  

30m Consultations Available (do not incur a fee)




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