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Synchronize Body Mind & Spirit

The Work

​​In my work I strive to honor the individual as unique and approach the therapeutic relationship as a ‘learner’. I’ve been accused of being a little out of the box (that’s intentional), my methods are strength-based/solution focused and I will only encourage you to utilize and develop your own self-knowledge in the process. I don't characterize or tell my clients who they are, and my role isn't to be an advisor (advice would be opinion, not clinical judgment).

For example - I strive to be supportive and usually encourage clients to draw, expand and then transition existing strengths to the targeted areas.

Mindfulness and self-reflection to examine self-concept and build up the core-self; containment and assertiveness to reinforce self-respect and positive self-esteem – these tools and practices reinforce an expanded skill-set to build confidence and empower.

In our work, you determine the goals and regularly demonstrate commitment through engagement.


Collaboratively we develop a strategy and implement a plan for moving forward.


And this is where we begin...


I work with individuals challenged by maladaptive coping behaviors (may have worked at the time or good intention, but doesn't work now, or negative consequence exceeds benefit) and self-sabotaging thinking patterns. Many have used substances or addiction to manage emotions which can cause behavioral & relationship disturbances - these are areas where consequences can quickly exceed the benefit of the behavior intended to bring relief.

​Sometimes patterns are rooted in social/environmental factors, family history or are just adapted to and learned.Regardless of the how or why, it can be brutal on the individual and ultimately destroy families. And regardless, I believe no matter how hopeless one may feel or how dismal circumstances may seem, there is always hope (a lot if you are still reading).

​​The work you or your family member can do in counseling is grounded in solutions and moving forward, not in the past. Interventions are customized to the individual, and while I use evidence-based methods, I do not believe there is a ‘one-size fits all’ model of treatment.


If you are living in or around this, then you know how painful it is. If you are not, but just wonder if you or loved has a problem with alcohol, drugs, food, or you feel you need some support then don’t hesitate to call me or another professional for an assessment. Get started!


So if you’re waiting to be inspired, forget it. Change happens with decision and commitment. Go ask a few people in long-term recovery from drugs/alcohol/food – it’s likely most will say it wasn’t virtue or inspiration that prompted them to change, usually its the consequences – physical, interpersonal, occupational, legal etc…Why should you wait?

Call a professional

Get an assessment,

and Please don’t just wait to see what happens!

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