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Substance Use Assessment & Treatment

Effective treatment for substance abuse is strength based, integrative in nature, motivational and collaborative. At your first appointment an assessment will evaluate social and environmental functioning to identify level of insight, motivation and the specific needs of each individual. From here an appropriate level of care and program placement will be determined, which means some clients assessed may receive a recommendation for treatment elsewhere and if this is the case then a transition plan can be coordinated.

The program employs a wellness approach which means you are treated as a whole person. In the course of treatment we will examine what your addiction means to you, what it means to be well and any problem areas viewed as barriers to wellness. Therapeutically, integrative approaches are used in treatment, including cognitive behavioral, social learning, social control and family systems with the medical model being fundamental to the treatment approach.

Assessment tools are utilized to provide information in regard to level of care required as well as to assist in creating an individualized treatment plan which is defined collaboratively. The objective is to identify, consider and understand complex issues affecting addictive behavior and then to use strategies directed to improve quality of life and overall wellness.

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