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Eating Disorder Treatment

Individuals who suffer with eating problems are sure to find a safe place to delve into the psychological challenges which drive negative thinking and eating behaviors. The focus is on individuals who suffer from bulimia, compulsive overeating, and those who are contemplating or who have had weight loss surgery.

Similar to other my programs, this is strength based and collaborative. A holistic evaluation will take place at intake and the best course of treatment will be determined. It is possible, primarily for those who purge, a recommendation to a more intensive program may be made. This would depend upon several factors including the severity of behavior, duration of problem and potential medical complications. If you are in agreement then a transition plan would be coordinated.

Treatment of eating problems is most effective when utilizing an integrative approach. The comprehensive treatment plan would include aspects of cognitive therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, self-help interventions and modifications in eating behaviors. This multi-dimensional approach enables you to take charge by defining treatment goals and developing coping skills which will ultimately result in competencies to support the termination of treatment.

Eating problems are complex. Often individuals use food as an attempt to control or cope with negative feelings or thoughts. In later stages emotional eating can result patterns which while unique to each individual, share characteristics of loss of control, frustration, hopelessness and shame. Some individuals engage in night-eating which carries additional challenges.

Working together we will:

  • Confront and change the negative thought patterns;

  • Change behaviors and patterns which continue to drive eating problems despite attempts to stop;

  • We will identify and learn to listen to feelings of physical hunger;

  • Develop capacity to tolerate negative feelings;

  • Expand coping behaviors;

  • Learn to identify needs in relationships;

  • Become assertive in expressing those needs;

  • Be more accepting of your body;

  • Support you in changing your body size if you’re unhappy with it;

  • Learn to accept you humanness;

  • Stop trying to be perfect; and,

  • Support the body, mind and spirit connection.

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