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There are many reasons people choose to seek help, but what makes the difference is what happens in the days, weeks and months afterward...


Want doesn't change things;

Action following motivation inspires change.

When the action is doing ‘same old same old’, it yields, well...the same - and usually ends in greater consequence and suffering. In fact, this dynamic escalates when no action is taken particularly once an awareness or insight is acquired of the need to to do something differently.

Need doesn't change things;

Action following motivation inspires change.


So I urge you, whether you bounce or stay here...





​Awareness is just the starting point regardless of the vehicle. And, once acquired whether through self-reflection or imposed by an outside force (a relationship, legal, or other...), as the patterns or behavior(s) which impede, obstruct, or do not serve become evident further delay itself can add to the pain.


Even a slight shift can open doors to options never imagined!

Change is consistent and reveals hidden pathways, presents options not considered prior;

it gives fresh perspective and often clears the clutter.


Why not seize the opportunity? 

Be your best self!                                           Live your best life!


Don't wait for the inspiration, it may never come!


Challenge is overcome with a decision then ongoing commitment. Ask a few people in long-term recovery from drugs/alcohol or food and it’s likely you will hear most were not motivated by virtue or inspiration but the negative consequences of use: physical, interpersonal, occupational, legal etc…        

Don't wait, and if you've seen what I've seen you would know:

  • There may be no 'bottom' (or there can be many)

  • You don't have to want it! (so many want it & yet it never happens)

  • You don't have to do it for yourself (as long as you do it)

  • So Do It

Call a professional and get an assessment;


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